Graphics designer & Web developer

Currently i’m living in Denmark, but i was born and raised in the Faroe Islands. A VERY small country in the atlantic ocean, with a population of about 50k people.

When i was 15, i moved to Denmark to attend at a boarding school. This is where i became certain that i wanted to be a creator of some sort, although i wasn’t sure what? Maybe a graphics designer, maybe a web designer / developer. So! I became both.

After boarding school i went on to study as a developer, but before i could finish the education i was offered a job / paid internship as a developer & graphics designer. Luckily i had an awesome teacher who let me finish the school & tests in my spare time after i got home from work. This worked out great! I could finish my education and begin the next one. Graphics designer, which is where i still am today, and until august 2018.

So that was my story The quick version anyway

Otherwise in my social life, i use my time with my lovely girlfriend, friends and family. And watch a lot of movies & TV series. I love being social and getting to know new people all the time.


8260, Viby J. Aarhus